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Cherry Mobile Android Phones : Complete List, Red Label Master Rundown

Posted by Perusal Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We're still on a high from last night's cool Cherry Mobile 'Beyond the Usual' Event held in Makati.

cherry mobile android phones

cherry mobile android phones

cherry mobile android phones

cherry mobile android phones

cherry mobile android phones

cherry mobile android phones

cherry mobile android phones

cherry mobile android phones

This post is just to give you a quick rundown of three Red Label Android Phones that were unveiled. Later, I'll post the official press release notes for each device.

Breaking new frontiers to empower Filipino consumers, Cherry Mobile goes beyond the
usual with the launch of its Android Smartphones powered by Qualcomm: the Nova, Magnum HD and Superion, the First Tablet Phone in the Philippines. The said Android smartphones are first handsets to be released under Cherry Mobile's new high-end Red Label Collection.

"We started small, launching four models last year, but we dreamt big. We have elevated from
providing affordable dual SIM handsets, to providing high end phones with our Red Label Collection, first of which is the Android Smartphones, powered by Qualcomm,"
shares Mr. Maynard Ngu, CEO of Cherry Mobile.

Cherry Mobile's latest handsets integrate the latest versions of the Android operating system,
whose names run a gamut of delectable treats like, cupcake 1.5, donut 1.6, Éclair 2.0, Éclair 2.1 and latest, Froyo 2.2.

"Launching the Android Smartphones is another, milestone for us, especially because we are
featuring SUPERION, the first tablet phone in the Philippines,"
says Mr. Roger Chiu, President of Cherry Mobile.

Beyond Affordability with Cherry Mobile Nova
(for In-the-Flesh photos and our take on this handset, kindly click on the link.)

cherry mobile android phones

Extensively equipped with a smartphone's advanced features and functionalities, Cherry Mobile Nova features a comparably larger 3.2” touchscreen and higher camera resolution of 5.0 megapixel with flash than other brands within the same price range. The WiFi-capable Nova meets the demands of businessmen, young professionals and students who long to constantly stay in touch with friends online.

With a plethora of useful Android services such as Maps, Gmail and Marketplace and GPS-support, the Éclair-operated Cherry Mobile Nova is set to defy the bounds of what an affordable smartphone can deliver. Priced at only Php 11,490, Nova is too sensible a deal to pass up.

Beyond Elegance with Cherry Mobile Magnum HD
(for In-the-Flesh photos of Magnum HD, its complete specifications set and our take this phone, kindly click on the link.)

cherry mobile android phones

For smartphone users with distinctly stylish tastes, Cherry Mobile Magnum HD boasts of a sleek gun metal finish and flaunts a large 4.10-inch capacitive touchscreen that allows seamless navigation with mere touch of a finger. Powered by 1Ghz Qualcomm Processor, Cherry Mobile Magnum HD operates with laudable speed that empowers a faster working pace when launching and using applications.

Aside from exuding an aura of elegance with its gorgeous shell, Magnum HD is also very smart in a smartphone-sense. The phone runs the latest version of Android OS, which is Froyo 2.2. Via this operating system, users can enjoy hours upon hours of entertainment, information and functionality

Cherry Mobile Magnum HD is now available for only Php 18,990.

Beyond the Usual with Cherry Mobile Superion
(for In-the-Flesh photos of Superion, its complete specifications set and our take this tablet phone, kindly click on the link.)

cherry mobile android phones

Those who say that users can't have it all in terms of phone and internet connectivity are in for a big surprise when they finally discover Cherry Mobile Superion, which features the seemingly impossible fusion of mobile phone and mobile web tablet technology in a single stylish package.

Powered by Android Froyo 2.2, Superion doubles as a USB 3G modem and a Wifi hotspot device that allows users to connect to the internet using their other Wifi-capable gadgets.

Browsing web pages, watching streaming videos, reading e-books and viewing pictures have never been easier with Cherry Mobile Superion's sleek 7-inch capacitive touchscreen interface. Its multi-touch technology lets users easily zoom-in on photos and websites just by pinching on the display. With an expandable memory of up to 16GB, a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus at the back and a VGA camera in front, Superion dons an amazingly low price tag of only Php 19,990 per unit.

There you go. :) Again, we hope to have an immersive experience with these devices soon so we can give you our comprehensive review of each gadget.

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